Nerdminer Update 1.6.1 is here


Nerdminer, the leading name in micro mining devices, is proud to announce its latest software update – version 1.6.1. This eagerly anticipated update brings an array of improvements aimed at elevating the mining experience for users worldwide. With a focus on stability and performance, NerdMiner 1.6.1 is set to reshape the landscape of cryptocurrency mining.

10kh/s Hashrate Boost

For miners, every bit of additional hashrate counts, and NerdMiner recognizes this importance. With the 1.6.1 update, users can expect an impressive increase of up to 10kh/s in their hashrate. This boost is the result of fine-tuned algorithms and optimizations within the software, enabling miners to extract more from their hardware and ultimately improve their mining profitability.

Enhanced Mining Stability

The development team has dedicated countless hours to identify and rectify potential issues that could disrupt the mining process. The result is a software that is remarkably stable, capable of minimizing downtime and reducing the likelihood of crashes.

How to update?

The update only takes a few seconds. Follow instructions here: https://docs.bitwater.ch/nerd-miner-v2/product-guide/update

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