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NerdAxe Ultra – Bitcoin ASIC micro miner

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Nerdminer Dongle

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Nerdminer Mini

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Nerdminer Quatro

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Nerdminer S19 Tiny

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Dive into the MICROCOSM of mining

Get ready for an exciting adventure into the world of Bitcoin mining, a small gadget that brings the fun of mining right to your home. But wait, what exactly is NerdMiner, and how does it work

What is a NerdMiner? Meet your new friend!

NerdMiner is not just a run-of-the-mill piece of hardware – it's your golden ticket to the interesting world of Bitcoin. A brainchild of BitMaker, who we can't thank enough for, NerdMiner is a compact powerhouse that offers you a unique and fun way to micro mine Bitcoin blocks through a lottery system.

Prominent aspects of NerdMiner V2 Pro encompass a humble hash rate of 78 KH/s, impressive power efficiency requiring merely 1 watt of power consumption, and integration of the TTGO T-Display S3 board for seamless management of mining tasks alongside real-time data visualization.

While a NerdMiner should function as educational resource, its mining capacity is constrained by its relatively modest hash rate, particularly when compared with specialized devices like the Bitaxe Ultra or Bitaxe Supra. The Bitaxe miner, while targeting individual users like NerdMiner does, features a singular ASIC chip, commonly found in industrial mining setups, affording it a notably superior hash rate compared to NerdMiner.

How does a nerd miner work?

NerdMiner utilizes solo "lottery mining," a approach to Bitcoin mining that allows users to mine alone without the pooled resources of a mining collective. But of course you can decide to join a mining pool if you prefer. It’s up to you! Despite its relatively modest hash rate, it provides an educational entry point into mining.

Every 10 minutes, NerdMiner throws you into a lottery, offering you the chance to win full block rewards if luck is with you. It's like being in a Bitcoin lottery – the higher the hashrate, the better your odds of winning.

Join the NerdMiner revolution

Are you geared up to dive headfirst into the Bitcoin mining universe? Step into the micro mining revolution today and experience the thrill of combining your technical skills with the captivating world of Bitcoin mining. Put your skills to the test, broaden your understanding, and get ready to change how you see mining and have a tiny chance to win Bitcoins.

Winning Bitcoin with our NerdMiners may be a long shot, but the thrill of possibly striking gold adds a tiny bit of excitement to the mining process. Whether or not you hit the jackpot, the educational and creative journey our devices provide make them a worthy addition to any Bitcoin aficionado's collection.

Why choose

Nerdminer isn't just about the potential gains – it's about the journey. With its trailblazing approach, NerdMiner lets you play a hands-on role in building the hardware device. Customize your gadget, get a handle on the basics of mining, and display your creation as a testament to your tech-savvy prowess.

Allow us to present why opting for over our competitors is a decision worth considering. At, our primary objective is to democratize Bitcoin mining, ensuring accessibility for all. Central to our ethos is the development of a preconfigured, user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrates into your mining journey. Complementing this is our unwavering commitment to customer service excellence, ensuring your experience remains unparalleled.

Our unique proposition lies in our ability to unmask the complexities of Bitcoin, transforming what may seem tricky into an engaging and understandable learning journey. Furthermore, we insert an element of entertainment into the process – because, let's face it, who said learning can't be fun?

As a small business, we pride ourselves on our agility and receptiveness to customer feedback. Your insights are not only valued but actively shape our evolution, guiding us towards continuous improvement.

In essence, endeavors to provide you with not only a product but an experience enriched with value and purpose. Sail with us as we navigate the exciting terrain of Bitcoin mining, together.

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