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NerdAxe Ultra Bitcoin solo micro miner
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Bitaxe Ultra – ASIC Bitcoin solo miner (BM1366)

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Standard fan
Noctua fan
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Meet the Future of Bitcoin Micro Mining

Bitaxe Ultra – ASIC Bitcoin Solo Miner (BM1366)

Developed by the innovative SKOT, the Bitaxe Ultra is a revolutionary Bitcoin ASIC solo miner engineered for optimal efficiency, performance, and user-friendliness. This third major version incorporates the latest BM1366 chip, utilizing advanced 5nm technology—the same chip found in the renowned Antminer S19. With its modern design and state-of-the-art features, the Bitaxe Ultra aims to transform the landscape of crypto mining.

AxeOS open source operatig system for bitaxe Dashboard

What Sets Bitaxe Ultra Apart?

A New Standard in Efficiency

The Bitaxe Ultra is a power miser with just 15 watts consumption and delivers a jaw-dropping hash rate of 500 Gh/s. No more sweating over sky-high power bills, making it the perfect choice for home miners. Thanks to the sleek BM1366 chip, made with snazzy 5nm tech (yep, the same one in the famous Antminer S19), you're in for top-notch performance packed in a nifty little design.

Effortless Setup and Management

Forget the hair-pulling setups and cable jungles. The Bitaxe Ultra comes with built-in WIFI connectivity, letting you set up and manage your miner in a flash via your browser. With a breezy one-minute setup, you're mining like a pro in no time.

Open Source Flexibility

Running on AXE OS, an open-source gem, Bitaxe Ultra gives you unmatched control over your mining exploits. Tweak it, monitor it, and steer your mining ship with ease. Dive into the vibrant community or chat with fellow enthusiasts on the Open Source Miner Discord for tips and friendship.

Quiet Operations

Mining shouldn't sound like a jet engine. The Bitaxe Ultra, with its optional Noctua fan, ensures your mining experience is as silent as it is profitable. Say goodbye to the deafening clamor of old-school miners and hello to the gentle hum of success.

Whats in the Box?

Your BitAxe Ultra arrives fully assembled with a 110-230V 5V/5A power supply. For our international miner friends, you might need a region-specific power cord. No soldering required—just plug and play to kick off your mining adventure.

The Ultimate Lottery Miner

Designed to shine in lottery mining, the Bitaxe Ultra is your golden ticket to potentially hitting a block and raking in the 3.125 Bitcoin block reward. Its unmatched efficiency and performance make it the top-of-the-line micro miner on the market.

Who Should Get the Bitaxe Ultra?

Crypto Enthusiasts: If you're crypto-crazy and eager to dive into mining.
Tech Geeks: Love cutting-edge tech and nifty gadgets? This is your jam.
Home Miners: Perfect for those wanting to mine Bitcoin from their couch without breaking the bank on power bills.

Join the Future of Crypto Micro Mining

The Bitaxe Ultra isn't just another Bitcoin miner—it's a giant leap in mining tech, crafted for savvy and forward-thinking miners. Elevate your mining game with Bitaxe Ultra and witness the future of efficient, effortless, and supremely rewarding crypto mining.
Ready to join the revolution? Grab your Bitaxe Ultra today and start mining like a legend.


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Bitaxe Stand





Standard fan


Noctua fan




10 x 6 cm


ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 Development Board



ASIC chip



500 GH/s

Power Usage

15 Watts






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We are excited to present a special product tailored for explorers and creatives, while this project is ongoing, your involvement will help shape the future of open-source mining.

You might expect some hands-on programming and minor troubleshooting, as the product lines are evolving prototypes, with each update bringing enhancements.

Once you place your order, you commit to the current version and cannot exchange it for future releases, yet we thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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