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Nerdminer V2 Pro – Bitcoin lottery miner

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Nerdminer V2 Pro green

The best Nerdminer V2 - The Pro Version

The Nerdminer V2 Pro, a revolution in Bitcoin micro mining devices. This miner is your chance to win the 3.125 Bitcoin block reward, every 10 minutes, all while leaving a minimal footprint on your energy consumption only using 1 watts. Its called "lottery mining".

Because of its compact size and low noise while mining, it fits seamlessly into any space. The Nerdminer V2 Pro doesn’t just catch your eye with its sleek design – it’s also incredibly user-friendly. The setup is as easy as connecting to your Wi-Fi, entering your Bitcoin address, and start mining.

All software and components are open source and community driven by Bitmaker. The main goal is to learn more about Bitcoin mining and to have fun while having a fascinating piece of history on your desktop.

The Nerdminer community is a thriving ecosystem of like-minded individuals, together we learn about the potential of Bitcoin mining. Come join our community, and maximize your learning experience with us. The perfect blend of simplicity, convenience, and power to start your home-based Bitcoin mining journey.

Your Nerdminer comes fully assembled and ready to mine. Instructions on how to setup the Miner in just 5 minutes are included.

Every Hash Matters

The Nerdminer V2 Pro delivers more than just aesthetics; it's the ideal option for contributors to the decentralization and security of the Bitcoin network. Every hash produced by the Nerdminer V2 Pro reinforces the decentralized foundation of Bitcoin by a tiny bit. The ESP32 Microcontroller allows a hashrate of up to 78kh/s right now and probably more with future updates.

Nerdminer V2 Pro orange

But the Nerdminer V2 Pro offers more than function alone – it's a visual masterpiece that adds a touch of sophistication to any setup. Its sleek, compact design is an engaging focal point and conversation starter. Whether gracing your desk or taking pride of place in your collection, this little marvel is certain to capture attention and spark intrigue.

Custom Made Case

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a popular material in FDM printers, derived from renewable sources like corn starch and is environmentally friendly due to its industrial compostability.

Select your case color, pick your back cover color, choose your fan style or personalize the top of the back cover with your custom brand, logo, or icon. If you wish to modify the software's appearance, feel free to reach out to us for further customization options.


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 cm

Wi-Fi 802.11






BLE 5 + BT mesh




Neon Orange


Neon Green


Neon Yellow





Power Usage

1 Watt


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We are excited to present a special product tailored for explorers and creatives, while this project is ongoing, your involvement will help shape the future of open-source mining.

You might expect some hands-on programming and minor troubleshooting, as the product lines are evolving prototypes, with each update bringing enhancements.

Once you place your order, you commit to the current version and cannot exchange it for future releases, yet we thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Customer Reviews

7 reviews

7 reviews for Nerdminer V2 Pro – Bitcoin lottery miner

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  1. Julius

    The miner fits perfectly on my desk without taking up much room or being to loud. It’s the ideal solution for those with limited space that want to test bitcoin mining.

  2. Pedro

    El manejo del calor puede ser preocupante, pero el sistema de enfriamiento del NerdMiner es excelente. Mantiene el dispositivo funcionando sin problemas y sin sobrecalentarse.

  3. Oliver

    Plug it in, follow a few straightforward steps, and it starts mining. Everybody can do this.

  4. Lucas

    As someone new to Bitcoin mining, it was a perfect starting point.

  5. Frank

    Considering its performance and size, the NerdMiner will probably never find a block but offers fantastic value for the price. It’s more of a collectors item. I love it!

  6. Sofia

    It consistently maintains its hash rate, and I haven’t encountered any downtime or glitches.

  7. furknkalabalk

    Good miner

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