NerdAxe Ultra – Bitcoin ASIC micro miner

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NerdAxe Ultra – Bitcoin ASIC Micro Miner

Take your mining to the next level with NerdAxe Ultra

Hey there! Meet the NerdAxe Ultra – a top-notch Bitcoin ASIC solo miner created by the brilliant minds at Bitmaker. This advanced device is here to transform your mining experience with its simplicity, durability, and incredible efficiency. Perfect for home miners, crypto fans, and anyone who loves energy-efficient tech, the NerdAxe Ultra sets a new standard in open-source mining innovation.

Whisper-quiet operation

Wave goodbye to that ear-busting noise from your old-school lottery miners! With your cool new NerdAxe Ultra and its optional Noctua fan, you can mine without all that sounds. Just sit back and enjoy the chill hum of success, minus the headache-inducing noise.

Solo lottery miner

Perfect for solo miners aiming to strike it rich, the NerdAxe Ultra is your golden ticket to potentially earning the 3.125 Bitcoin block reward. This high-efficiency, rewarding experience makes it the ultimate lottery miner on the market.

Significant performance boost

Witness a game-changing enhancement for NerdMiners. The NerdAxe Ultra propels your mining capabilities from a modest 56 KH/s to an impressive 500 GH/s, nearly 9 million times more powerful than a standard Nerdminer. It's the perfect upgrade for those looking to maximize their mining potential.

AxeOS open source operatig system for bitaxe Dashboard

Key features and benefits

Outstanding efficiency

The NerdAxe Ultra epitomizes energy efficiency. Consuming just 12 watts of power, it delivers a remarkable hashrate of up to 550 GH/s. For home miners seeking an optimal solution that balances performance and energy consumption, the NerdAxe Ultra stands as the clear choice.

Open-source system

Harnessing the power of AXE OS, an open-source operating system, the NerdAxe Ultra gives you complete control over your mining operations. Personalize settings, monitor performance, and steer your mining endeavors with unparalleled adaptability. Delve deeper into details at] or engage with the Open Source Miner community on Discord for additional insights.

Whats in the Box?

The NerdAxe Ultra arrives fully assembled with a 110-230V 5V/5A power supply included. For our global miners, you may need a power cord tailored to your region. Here's what you get:

  • Fully Assembled NerdAxe Ultra
  • 110-230V 5V/5A Power Supply

Become a Mirco Miner - Join the Club Today!

Don’t miss out on this game-changer in mining tech. The NerdAxe Ultra is super efficient, performs like a champ, and runs quietly—all in a sleek, compact package. It’s your easy ticket to efficient crypto micro mining. Ready to step into the future with NerdAxe Ultra? Where innovation meets efficiency.

Grab yours today and take your mining to the next level!


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10 x 6 cm


0.91" SSD1306 OLED I2C Display


up to 550 GH/s


TTGO-TDisplay wifi board

Power Usage

12 Watts

ASIC chip





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We are excited to present a special product tailored for explorers and creatives, while this project is ongoing, your involvement will help shape the future of open-source mining.

You might expect some hands-on programming and minor troubleshooting, as the product lines are evolving prototypes, with each update bringing enhancements.

Once you place your order, you commit to the current version and cannot exchange it for future releases, yet we thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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